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Torque Supports

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Adjustable Torque Supports

Rods join two components together elastically, with the help of two bushings. They isolate vibrations and dampen them. The load is transmitted exclusively lengthwise along the rod.

Features & Benefits

  • Forged rod heads with clockwise and counterclockwise threads from one drop forged tool (length adjustable version)
  • Long product lifetime
  • Length is adjustable only by turning the pipe
  • Zero-play and simple installation
  • Maintenance free
  • Acoustic and vibration isolation

Technical Specifications

  • Rod head (diameter): e.g. Ø105 mm
  • Adjustable lengths: e.g. 210-230 mm or 485-535 mm
  • Operating load range:  e.g. 20 - 40 kN
  • Max. loads: up to 120 kN
  • Radial stiffness: 80 – 150 N/mm
  • Weight: e.g. 9 kg