360-View Camera System


360-View Camera System

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360-View Camera System

This system is an off-the-shelf system able to be installed and calibrated for a wide variety of vehicles, and provides the vehicle operator with a “birds-eye” 360 degree camera view of the area surrounding the vehicle.

Features & Benefits

  • 4 camera surround view system
  • Secure system: As in our automotive systems we guarantee no frozen frames up to the point of output – the system is self monitoring.
  • Flexible tool chain available
  • Genuine real time delivery at 30fps

Technical Specifications

  • 8 – 32V
  • Up to 6 camera inputs
  • Anti stall and low latency
  • IP65 for ECU on request, camera IP69K
  • Video and VGA output
  • 1x ECU + up-to 6 cameras, monitor can be delivered on request