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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Radar Sensors

ADAS Radar Sensors incorporate a very well developed environment perception. It serves the purpose of the high level functions Autonomous Braking, Forward Collision Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control in millions of vehicles worldwide. These functionalities can be easily modified to suit the needs of railway applications.
The astonishing environmental perception capabilities have also been proven in many specific projects outside of the automobile industry. Railroad crossings, railtracks and other relevant areas can be monitored and both, stationary and moving objects of interest can be detected. From raw detection, object detection, object classification to situation interpretation for specific functions ADAS Radar Sensors have plenty to offer. For an even more advanced environment perception and more advanced functionalities several radar sensors and different sensors can be combined.

Features & Benefits

  •  Auto-Alignment: The sensor corrects its horizontal and vertical alignment automatically.
  •  Blockage detection: The sensor detects its partial or full blockage due to environmental conditions so that functions can go into their safe states.
  •  ASIL B compliant: Then sensor can host safety functions as it is compliant to ASIL B standards.
Environment Perception:
  •  Raw Data
  •  Object Detection
  •  Object Classification
  •  Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  •  Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)
  •  Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
  •  Visualisation of the detected environment

Technical Specifications

  • Entry / Premium and Premium +
  • Range: 170m / 250m
  • Azimuth Field of View far range scan: +/-9°
  • Azimuth Field of View near range scan: +/-45° / +/-75°
  • Dimensions: 94x69x20mm / XXXXXXXXX
  • Mass: 130g / XXXXXXXXX
  • Interface: CAN, can be translated to other interfaces