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  • Air actuators for Pantograph
    Air actuators for Pantograph

    Convolution bellows ensure even pantograph contract pressure in every situation.

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  • Hoses

    High performance hoses ensure perfect connection in diverse applications. From pneumatics and hydraulics, air conditioning and heating to sanitary and more.

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  • Folding Bellow Material
    Folding Bellow Material

    Wide range of folding bellow material for concertina walls, which can be applied in transition systems for buses, railways and gateways.

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  • Drive Belts for Door Opening
    Drive Belts for Door Opening

    Open-ended polyurethane timing belts for entry systems.

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  • Cameras

    Our camera products allow for simple implementation of in-cabin or external monitoring, with CVR video storage capability where needed.

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  • Multiplexing Modules (KIBES®)
    Multiplexing Modules (KIBES®)

    Board Electronics KIBES®: The top-performing software and hardware package for your on-board electronic system.

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  • Coupling Springs
    Coupling Springs

    Vulcanized elastic parts with high performance rubber are integrated in the coupling.

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  • Door Gesture Detection
    Door Gesture Detection

    Gestures are natural and intuitive ways to communicate for human beings. Hand movements by driver or passenger are tracked in order to recognize gestures.

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  • ADAS Radar Sensors
    ADAS Radar Sensors

    The Advanced Driver Assistance System sensor detects stationary objects without the support of a camera system.

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